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Zerlotti Equine is a leader in the ever advancing field of equine genetics and has performed over 4000 successful embyro transfers over the years. Using today's most innovative procedures and renown experts, the facility has offered advanced breeding solutions to all breeds in the United States and abroad. Owner, Dr. Mario Zerlotti is an Internationally known expert in the field of Equine Reproduction with over 20 years of experience specializing in Embryo Transfers...

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Medium Twinning

Twinning is an undesirable condition in the mare. If twins are note reduced to singletons at an early stage of gestation, the usual outcome is late-term abortion; few twins are carried to term and survive. Complications that can arise with late-term abortion of twins or delivery of twins at term include dystocia, retained placenta, delayed uterine involution, metritis and death of one or both twins, including death of the mare. Virtually all twins arise from double ovulations, meaning the twins are dizygotic. As one would suspect, the incidence of twin conceptions varies with breed, being more common in breeds with a higher incidence of twin ovulations (e.g., Thoroughbreds have the highest incidence of multiple