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Zerlotti Equine is a leader in the ever advancing field of equine genetics and has performed over 4000 successful embyro transfers over the years. Using today's most innovative procedures and renown experts, the facility has offered advanced breeding solutions to all breeds in the United States and abroad. Owner, Mario Zerlotti is an Internationally known expert in the field of Equine Reproduction with over 20 years of experience specializing in Embryo Transfers...

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Medium The Importance of Using a Good Holding Media for Shipment of Embryos

Sometimes when a Grade 3 - 4 embryo is flushed, you wonder if it should or should not be transferred or shipped. We know that it is difficult to make the decision to transfer an embryo into a good recipient mare, when there is doubt on whether or not the transfer will result in a pregnancy. We advise our clients that ship embryos to us, to leave these types of embryos in a holding media that has the right pH and correct osmolarity for a couple of hours and then re-check the quality of it to make the decision on whether or not transfer. Sometimes, we leave the embryo in media for 12 to 20 hours, depending on just how low-quality the embryo is. Unfortunately, the medias that are available on the market today, do not assist low grade